Designer bedroom fundraiser 2016

Maria Folau "Pacific Island Princess"

Designer Bedroom 2016 Maria
Designer Bedroom 2016 Maria Bed

Silver Fern Maria Folau’s design is representative of Pacific Island females all over New Zealand.

“I wanted to express a beautiful, strong, Island female with long, thick, luscious hair with the hibiscus flower highlighting her ethnic roots.”

Stacey Morrison "Retro New Zealand"

Designer Bedroom 2016 Stacey
Designer Bedroom 2016 Stacey Bed

Well-known broadcaster, Stacey Morrison’s retro print of New Zealand is symbolic in a number of ways. “The colours remind me of my childhood and the addition of the Maori place names reflects our bicultural connection with the land.”

Her husband wrote the incantation around the bed base and it’s a saying they repeat to their children every night and translates to – ‘The sky is calm, the earth is at peace, the whole world is tranquil. Peaceful sleep descends, rest in the knowledge you are surrounded by deep affection, love and serenity. Rest now, rest well, rest is yours.’

Nadia Lim “Pancakes”

Designer Bedroom 2016 Nadia
Designer Bedroom 2016 Nadia Bed

Taking inspiration from the kitchen, Nadia’s design features a recipe for pancakes – her favourite weekend breakfast.

“One of my amazing fans illustrated this recipe and sent me the picture which I have framed in my kitchen and I thought it would make a cool bed design – you’ll never lose the recipe when it’s printed on your bed!”

Find the recipe here

Lorraine Downes "True Love"

Designer Bedroom 2016 Lorraine
Designer Bedroom 2016 Lorraine Bed

Lorraine Downes’ design is very close to her heart with the words ‘Listen to your heart, it is where your truth is’ inscribed on the bed base.

“I believe everyone needs direction and support in one’s life path. In my design the heart represents where your truth lies and the Mandela design illustrates how the heart centre resonates out through this, affecting every part of your life. So listen to your heart first,” says Lorraine.

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