Sleep and mindfulness

In today’s day and age with technology in front of us at every turn and our busy schedules, many of us struggle to calm our mind for a restful sleep.

We spoke with Claire Robbie – meditation teacher, journalist and mama, about her techniques and teachings and how they assist with sleep and easing the mind. Claire’s tips look at daily practises such as meditation, cutting back on technology and focusing on what nourishes your mind, body and soul.

Kristy Von Minden, founder of Mind Bright, shares her neuroscience and psychological insights and recommends implementing simple principles to soothe stress levels and encourage a happier life and mindset.

While Dr Tony Fernando, Insomnia & Sleep specialist, recognises that stress and worry are primary factors that keep people awake at night and recommends some helpful mindful strategies to help deal with these.

Start by trying a few of these suggestions from our resident experts about how to add mindfulness into your day and then slowly incorporate more practices to reap the full benefits.

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