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In 2020, we worked alongside award-winning interior designer Melissa Greenough and BCFNZ nurse Catriona Farac, to create a beautifully serene and restorative bedroom environment, the comfortable retreat is designed to ensure all-important and restful sleep.

Our Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra bed was the star feature of the room. With intuitive coils that maintain your body’s natural alignment, our Elevate Ultra bed ensures a comfortable and restful sleep, night after night. Melissa adorned the room with accents of pink through the bedspread, the artwork and the base of the bedside tables, to create a soothing environment and to link it to the important work of BCFNZ.

Designer Bedroom 2020 Elevate Bed Front On
Designer Bedroom 2020

Tips for creating a restful, beautiful bedroom

Discover some helpful ideas to create a restful bedroom retreat, as created for our ‘Essence of Pink’ bedroom design:

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Colour plays a key role in creating atmosphere. For a more calming environment, use soothing colours, rather than primary ones. Pale blues, greens, pinks or whites will always feel inviting and calm. Textures and patterns are also a good option and extra colour can be added through the choice of art or flowers.

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It’s important to create the right ambiance in a room too. An effective way to do this is by adding lamps. As well as offering a practical use for activities like night time reading, they also bring a touch of style to a room.

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Nothing enhances the style of a bedroom, like a beautiful headboard. Not only does it add a dimensional layer, it also frames the room and adds a finishing touch.

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Adding a large rug is a great way to help soften space. It also adds warmth and will feel lovely underfoot.

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It is important to look for quality bed linen, as this will help your sleep experience. When purchasing bedding, try to avoid polyester blends and instead look for natural fibres, like cotton or linen. These will wear well, wash well, look good and most importantly, breathe. It is ideal to also choose good quality pillows. Try feather pillows, with a couple of cushions added, to help dress the bed.

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If you have a small bedroom, a great tip for making the space feel bigger is to utilise the walls. Go as far up as possible with your styling touches or your window treatments – this will make the ceiling feel higher, creating the illusion of a bigger room. A Sealy SpaceSaver Drawer Base is a great practical solution, providing an all-important storage option for under the bed.

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