Designer bedroom fundraiser 2017

Lisa Carrington

Designer Bedroom 2017 Lisa
Designer Bedroom 2017 Lisa Bed

World champion Lisa Carrington took her design inspiration from the silver fern, a symbol she wears when competing on the world stage.

“It took me a while to choose the design,” she said. “I tried to find something which reflected sleep and I also wanted something that reflected New Zealand.”

“I finally decided on the fern frond, as it represents new life, growth, strength and peace. It’s also never-ending and conveys rejuvenation.  Rejuvenation is essential and relates to sleep, as well as my lifestyle, training and performance as an athlete.”

Antonia Prebble

Designer Bedroom 2017 Antonia
Designer Bedroom 2017 Antonia Bed

Actress Antonia Prebble’s bed design is symbolic in a number of ways.

“It was quite an easy choice,” she said. “The first thing that came to mind was a painting by Karl Maughan, my favourite New Zealand artist and a very talented painter of botanicals and gardens.  My parents commissioned him to paint the garden at our family home.”

“That painting has pride of place on our dining room wall and I thought it would translate well to a bed design.  It also has personal meaning to me, not to mention it’s an incredible and beautiful piece of art.”

Ardie Savea

Designer Bedroom 2017 Ardie
Designer Bedroom 2017 Ardie Bed

Ardie Savea’s design idea came naturally to him, with inspiration sought from the things he holds dear – his family and his Samoan culture. He said the design combines these through the use of colour and hibiscus flowers.

“They represent my culture and the choice of the four flowers represents my family – my partner, myself and our two ‘wolves’,” he said.

“I have a close connection with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, and didn’t hesitate when asked to join the Sealy Designer Bed Campaign. To be able to combine my interest in design and support such a great cause has been ideal.”

Stan Walker

Designer Bedroom 2017 Stan
Designer Bedroom 2017 Stan Bed

When approached to design one of the Sealy Designer Beds, singer Stan Walker said he mused about what his own dream bed would look like.

“The first thing I thought of was a beautiful beach on a tropical island,” he said. “It’s where I always want to be – falling asleep in paradise!”

“This campaign is close to my heart, as my mum had breast cancer and is now in recovery.  She always said, ‘I thought it would never get me,’ but it did. She is an inspiration and is now focusing on speaking up about her journey, particularly to Maori-Pacific women, and raising awareness of cancer.”

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