Designer bedroom fundraiser 2015

Steve Dunstan (Huffer) "Rested Disorder"

Designer Bedroom 2015 Steve
Designer Bedroom 2015 Steve Bed

Featuring a sprawling collection of personal belongings, Steve Dunstan’s unique bed design represents the ‘state of a busy life’ and captures the essence of his street brand Huffer.

“It speaks to a carefree youth culture. You haven’t got time to make your bed – you’re out socialising and having fun. Once you do come home, it’s time to crash.”

Hayley King (Flox) "Bang, Bang Bunnies"

Designer Bedroom 2015 Hayley
Designer Bedroom 2015 Hayley Bed

A vibrant depiction of the natural world, the bed design from Hayley King aka Flox was inspired by her recent exploration into New Zealand’s exploding rabbit populations.

“It’s a real honour to participate in this creative campaign, to raise awareness for a cause that is very real and serious for us Kiwi women. I want to play my part somehow and help in our fight to cure breast cancer.”

Owen Dippie

Designer Bedroom 2015 Owen
Designer Bedroom 2015 Owen Bed

Known for his larger than life street murals, artist Owen Dippie chose to feature his familiar Maori Tiki design in the mattress design. The striking black-and-white print incorporates his initials O.D.

“My work has always been heavily influenced by Maori culture and this was no exception,” he says. “Over the years my Tiki has taken hundreds of different forms – from stickers on international streets to wood carvings and t-shirts. Now I’m so pleased it has taken shape in a bed design for this great cause.”

LeeAnn Yare "Sketch"

Designer Bedroom 2015 LeeAnn
Designer Bedroom 2015 Bed

Returning from last year’s designer bed campaign, LeeAnn is back with another stand-out, colourful creation.  She says her one-off design is inspired by quality, handcrafted artisan products where no two are the same.

“Last year the designer bed campaign ended with such a fantastic auction result benefiting an amazing charity. I’m thrilled to be on board again this year.”

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