Designer bedroom fundraiser 2013

Kelly Thompson "Flamingos"

Designer Bedroom 2013 Kelly
Designer Bedroom 2013 Kelly Bed

Kelly Thompson is a renowned New Zealand fashion illustrator and photographer. After graduating from Massey University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Design majoring in photography, Kelly’s distinctive illustrations have caught the attention of the international art and fashion community at large.

“I’ve had a thing for flamingos for a while and have been drawing them in my spare time. When approached to do a textile design for Sealy I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use them, particularly considering the colour used to promote Breast Cancer is pink.”

Otis Frizzell "Flowerbed"

Designer Bedroom 2013 Otis
Designer Bedroom 2013 Otis Bed

Otis Frizzell is a renowned New Zealand artist, celebrated for his graffiti-style art. Frizzell has more than 20 years’ experience in the art world and is arguably the nation’s highest profile graffiti artist.

“Since the whole project was about getting involved with Breast Cancer, I really wanted to do something with a feminine twist. I love painting flowers and came up with the Flowerbed design!”

Hollie Smith "Kaleidoscope"

Designer Bedroom 2013 Hollie
Designer Bedroom 2013 Hollie Bed

Hollie Smith is one of New Zealand’s most respected musicians. Smith’s chart-topping 2006 single ‘Bathe in the River’ set the stage for her 2007 album Long Player which was released via her own record label and sold almost doubleplatinum.

“I wanted to find something a bit different, incorporating loads of vibrant colour without it being a specific picture. With this in mind I looked into a pixelated theme then into a kaleidoscopic theme and managed to create a reference that ended up incorporating the two.”

Tanya Carlson "Morocco"

Designer Bedroom 2013 Tanya
Designer Bedroom 2013 Tanya Bed

New Zealand designer Tanya Carlson’s label ‘Carlson’ was born in 1997. Since then she has built a loyal following from New Zealand and abroad. Unique fabrications, hand dyeing and fine detailing, together with cuts that celebrate the female form, distinguish the Carlson brand. Now based in Auckland, Tanya Carlson owns three boutiques nationwide.

“I have always loved Morocco and been inspired by the colours and designs of their beautiful, intricate handmade tiles and wanted my design to have the same rich, baroque feel. Your bed should also be a place of beautiful dreams and restful sleep, so my design recalls the rich colours and exotic designs of the faraway places we all dream of visiting.”

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