Sleep facts: which one of these applies to you?

Fact 1

Almost 50% of Kiwis picked up new sleep habits during lock-down

Fact 2

33% of people scroll social media before bed and 30% watch TV or Netflix before sleep

Fact 3

Nine in 10 Kiwis wake up at least once in the night

Fact 4

50% of Kiwis sleep is commonly disrupted by feeling too hot or having body aches and pains through the night

Fact 5

1 in 4 Kiwis feel restless overnight due to insomnia, stress at work, anxiety, or feeling too cold

Fact 6

Two-thirds of Kiwis often wake up tired

Fact 7

8 in 10 Kiwis mental health suffers the next day if they sleep poorly

Fact 8

Those struggling with mental health believe this has about a 40% impact on their sleep

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