Sleep Census facts

Sleep facts: do any of these apply to you?

fact 1

Almost 50% of New Zealander’s created different sleep habits during our covid lock-down period.

fact 2

33% of people scroll social media before bed, and 30% watch TV or Netflix before sleep.

fact 3

Nine in ten Kiwis wake up at least once in the night.

fact 4

50% of New Zealander’s sleep is commonly disrupted by feeling too hot or having body aches and pains through the night.

fact 5

One in four Kiwis feel restless overnight due to: insomnia, stress at work, anxiety, or feeling too cold.

fact 6

Two-thirds of Kiwis often wake up tired.

fact 7

Eight in ten New Zealander’s mental health suffers the next day if they don’t sleep well the night before.

fact 8

Those struggling with mental health believe this has about a 40% impact on their sleep patterns.