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Our carefully handmade Sealy products are the culmination of years of research and innovation, engineered with patented technologies. Our products are locally made right here in New Zealand. Discover a wide range of mattresses designed to suit every sleep preference and budget for a comfortable bed you’ll never want to leave.

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From prototyping and design, to quality and durability testing; there is considerable science and research behind each product. Learn more about our extensive testing, research and development, to create products that ‘stand the test of time’.

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Ensure you get the sleep you need night after night, with the right bed for your sleep needs. Simply try our Bed Selector to find the recommended product for you.

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Finding it difficult to fall asleep? Discover our ‘sleep and wellness hub’ with plenty of tips to help you relax and wind-down before bed.

Sleep and essential oils

Find out more about the calming properties of essential oils and how to incorporate within your wind-down routine at night.